gastao cristofani uk modern art frame canvas panel

About Me

I was born in Brazil with a natural talent for the arts.

A grandson of Italian immigrants, my family has always been an inspiration and art has always been present in our lives.


Over the years, passionate about the arts, I registered in various drawing courses.I became interested in oil and acrylic painting on canvas or panel.

While working on various paintings, I had the help of an art teacher in my hometown of Ribeirão Preto, north of São Paulo, where I received a Certificate of Academic Painting from the Commercial Association of São Paulo, Brazil.

After this recognition, I decided to follow my vocation, move to Europe to learn and expand my work.

My art

It’s a little hard to talk about my work.

Each painting is unique.


When I am creating, I always try to reproduce my senses and feelings in different ways, without disconnecting from our day-to-day life.

Transmitting affection, love and other feelings is a hard job, but it’s what I love to do. I work with free formats and colours to try to capture and show it.


I hope you like it

uk modern art frame canvas panel
uk modern art frame canvas panel



uk modern art frame canvas panel